A Look At The Minors: 2nd Base

Top 3 Prospects

1. Jarek Cunningham

2. Brock Holt

3. Jorge Bishop

Notable: Adalberto Santos

Disclaimer: 2nd base is usually a very weak minor league position because most top middel infield prospects play SS and then transition to 2nd base later in thier career if necessary.

Jarek Cunningham

Cunningham was drafted by the Pirates in 18th round of the 2008 draft. He was coming off an ACL in jury which allowed him to fall as far as he did. He made his debut in 2008 and performed fairly well in rookie ball but his ACL problems came back and he had to have surgery which caused him to miss the entire 2009 season. He was originally a SS but his ACL injury has limited his range and caused him to move to 2B. Cunningham has good power for a middle infielder and is a very intriguing prospect. He started this season strong but he has since cooled which likely means he will need to wait until next season to be promoted to AA.

April: .265/.322/.651 (.973 OPS)

May: .313/.355/.576 (.931 OPS)

June: .190/.247/.381 (.628 OPS)

July: .250/.370/.386 (.757 OPS)

Brock Holt

Holt has always been a prospect who I for some reason took an interest too. He was drafted in the 9th round of the 2009 draft, signed quickly and went to short season ball where he performed quite well. In 2010 he made an aggressive jump to A+ where he continued to play well. He has decent power and speed for a middle infielder but his best asset is his good contact rate. Holt has the range to handle shortstop adequately but profiles best as 2B. Holt has had a pretty good showing in AA this season and looks like a good bet to move up to AAA next season. He has also been mentioned as a potential trade piece.

April: .310/.388/.368 (.756 OPS)

May: .284/.328/.405 (.733 OPS)

June: .260/.302/.360 (.662 OPS)

July: .259/.351/.358 (.709 OPS)

Jorge Bishop

Bishop was signed by the Pirates in 2008 out of Panama. He put up good numbers in the VSL in 2009 and was brought up to the states last season. So far this season he has spent time at both short season and rookie ball. Bishop has good power, speed and plays defense well. He was a shortstop last season but so far this season in very limited playing time he has played mainly 2B. his numbers quite frankly have been poor but his upside makes him interesting. He is a long shot and remains very raw but do to the dearth of 2B talent he cracks the Pirates top 3 prospects at the position.

Short Season: .162/.238/.162 (.400 OPS)

Rookie: .125/.222/.167 (.389 OPS)

Adalberto Santos

The Pirates announced Santos as a 2B when they drafted him last year but so far he has played mainly OF. He was a 22nd round draft pick last season and as a senior he signed quickly and started playing short season ball where he did quite well. The Pirates placed him in A+ this year but he has mainly been just a bench player. Most of his playing time has come in LF this year although he has played some 2B and RF. Since Cunningham is also in A+ it is not quite clear wether the Pirates are not letting Santos play 2nd because of a better prospect being there or because he can’t handle the positions. Santos is having a very good season and if he is in fact a 2B prospect rather than an OF prospect his value would definately rise. Either way he has shown he deserves more playing time than what he has been getting.

April: .326/.385/.435 (.819 OPS)

May: .241/.323/.328 (.651 OPS)

June: .327/.449/.564 (1.013 OPS)

July: .355/.397/.532 (.929 OPS)


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