A Look At The Minors: Catchers

Top  Prospects

1. Tony Sanchez

2. Ramon Cabrera

3. Elias Diaz

Notable: Kawika Emsley-Pai, Samuel Gonzalez

Tony Sanchez

Sanchez is widely regarded as the Pirates catcher of the future and is also considered one of the team’s best overall prospects. His best tool is said to be his defense followed by his power. This year in AA he has displayed decent defense but has struggled on the offesnive side specifically in regards to power.

April: .262/.400/.311 (.711 OPS)

May: .280/.365/.413 (.778 OPS)

June: .205/.295/.244 (.539 OPS)

July: .206/.333/.279 (.612 OPS)

Ramon Cabrera

Cabrera came on to the prospect scene in 2009 with a strong showing in the GCL. He is a raw product but he has a good bit of upside. He has shown good defense and has hit quite well. Cabrera is currently in A+ and is doing quite well. He is eligible for the Rule V draft this upcoming offseason.

April: .396/.444/.500 (.944 OPS)

May: .268/.348/.339 (.687 OPS)

June: .375/.438/.578 (1.016 OPS)

July: .333/.355/.400 (.755 OPS)

Elias Diaz

The Pirates have/had a bunch of catching prospects in the lower levels who all appeared to be rather similar. Looking at how playing time has been handed it appears the Pirates are the highest in Diaz. He struggled in Rookie ball last season but was surprisingly moved up to A ball this year. Diaz is a good defensive catcher but his bat is very questionable. He had a decent stretch (late May) this season but overall has struggled.

April: .164/.190/.246 (.436 OPS)

May: .241/.318/.328 (.646 OPS)

June: .239/.320/.328 (.648 OPS)

July: .128/.196/.191 (.388 OPS)

Kawika Emsley-Pai

Emsley-Pai was a 10th round draft pick of the Arizona Diamonbacks in 2010. Due to a management change he was let go and found his way to the Pirates. He has shown promise this season and actually even took over the starting catching job in A ball (Diaz took it back after a very short time).

April: .375/.464/.458 (.923 OPS)

May: .362/.508/.532 (1.040 OPS)

June: .157/.306/.157 (.463 OPS)

July: .190/.370/.190 (.561 OPS)

Samuel Gonzalez

Gonzalez is currently in his first year in the states. He had a breakout year in the DSL in 2010 and was moved up to short season ball this season. He is raw and will take time to develop but he appears to have a good set of tools, including some power. Gonzalez has performed rather well during his time in short season ball and due to the struggles of the A ball catchers could very well be promoted soon .

Season: .326/.368/.407 (.775 OPS) *Short Season ball just started in the middle of June


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