Who is Our Bridget?

During this incredible season I have heard the Pirates compared many times to the Indians from the movie Major League. There are many similarities: a widely hated owner, an aging catcher, a wild pitcher amazingly finding control, a 3B who more was expected from, a speedy OF who seemingly appeared from nowhere, a fan base that has been rejuvenated and I could go on but I’ll stop there. It’s a fine comparison but may I propose another movie: Angels in the Outfield. Chances are you aren’t thinking of the same movie I’m talking about. I’m not speaking of the 1994 remake starring the Angels but rather the 1951 original starring your very own Pittsburgh Pirates.

The story line is very similar to the 1994 remake but there is one major difference the movie viewers never actually “see” the angels but rather just believe in their effects. Now let’s think about this for a second has there been any times this season when you thought something special was happening. How about Karstens? or McKenry’s 3-run blast? or even McKenry himself? or any of the other “magical” moments this season which don’t seem to quite make sense. Now of course I can’t vouch for Hurdle being a foul-mouthed manager who changes to please the Angels but I must point out there has been a manager change, so maybe Russell was doing something to anger them and Hurdle isn’t doing it. So  maybe Hurdle is pleasing them in some other way.

Looking at it a little more the Pirates in the movie were perennial losers and were consistently in last place. Does that sound familiar? There is no mistaken it there is something special going on with this squad. Is it Angels? Probably not but it’s very possible IMO that a higher power could be at work. I’m not necessarily talking about a religious being but maybe its just sheer luck or destiny or hope or ????. It could be anything but there is something else at play here this team is special.

There is just one loose end that needs to be tied up. In both movies there was a young kid who prays for God to help his team. In the remake it was a foster child by the name of Roger but in the original it was a young girl (who was also a foster child) named Bridget who prayed. So my question for everyone is who is our Bridget?

Wherever you are let me be the first to on behalf of all Pirate fans thank you for what you have done. You have brought more joy into all of our lives and for that we will be forever grateful.


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