Roster Moves

Today the Pirates signed Jason Grilli and he will join the 25 man roster probably starting Friday. In addition it appears likely that Cedeno and Pearce will return on Friday. There is also speculation that Jaramillo might be called up and even some talk that Alvarez could potentially join them. What all of this means is that it is possible that 20% of the Pirates roster could change between Wednesday’s game and Friday’s game.

The coresponding moves are likely to be something like this:

Meek to the 60 day DL to make room on the 40 man roster, Leroux to AAA and Grilli to the majors. Grilli will likely take Leroux’s spot as the 7th arm in the pen and be used very little.

Ciriaco has already been said to be packing his bags so that is in all likelyhood the move to make room for Cedeno.

If Jaramillo is called up then Fryer would be sent down and Jaramillo would take over the backup catcher duties. Fryer just hasn’t looked ready for the majors so this move would make sense (even though it would probably be only for a short time).

If Pearce comes one of Harrison or d’Arnaud will likely be sent to AAA. Either would be an option but I think it will end up being Harrison. My preference would actually be d’Arnaud though. d’Arnaud is the best prospect of the two and looks to have the most work to do to reach his potential; more time in the minors could be a big help for d’Arnaud. Harrison seems to have the best bat of the two (from a pure hitting standpoint) and would probably be the better bench bat of the two.

If Alvarez returns which i don’t see as likely for Friday the other one of d’Arnaud/Harrison will likely be sent down.

A couple more interesting points:

Ryan Doumit is said to almost be ready and there is talk he could be in the majors next week. He would likely be come the starting catcher and force  Fryer (or Jaramillo) off the roster. His bat could be a big add.

If d’Arnaud is sent down how will the Pirates handle the AAA SS job. Jordy Mercer is currently playing there and while he hasn’t been great he is a good prospect. My guess is that the two will share the position with the other playing either 2B or 3B. This has been the system the Pirates have used for the last two years now. The remaining position either 2B or 3B has usually been manned by Harrison. Also Hague has been the normal 1B so its possible the infield that won two championships together could be put back together.

Day off tomorrow so barring a trade being made it looks like it will be a good day to take a step back from Pirates baseball. Enjoy the day off because a big series against the Cardinals is upcoming.


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