A Look Back

With the Pirates potentially only 72 games away from ending the string of 18 consectutive losing season I felt it was time to take a look back and see who contributed the most to the 18 season streak. In all there have been 333 players who have had a plate appearce for the Pirates from 1993 through today. There have 198 pitchers who have recorded at least one out in the same time frame.

The most valuable position player accoring to WAR is Jason Kendall at 34.2. Brian Giles is in second at 30.3 and then there is a big drop off to Jason Bay at 15.6 Of current players McCutchen leads the way with a 12.3 WAR which is good enough for 7th place. On the reverse coming in with a -3.6 WAR, Jose Guillen has been the least valuable position player. Of current Pirate players Lyle Overbay at -0.7 WAR has been the least valuable.

As far as pitchers go the most valuable player has been Paul Maholm at 13.6 WAR. He is followed by Francisco Cordova at 12.8 WAR and Kris Benson at 12.3. Maholm obviously leads all active pitcher, coming in second at 3.2 WAR is Joel Hanrahan. The least valuable pitcher, and player, is Jeff McCurry who comes in with a -1.1 WAR. Of players currently on the roster, Daniel McCutchen is the least valauble at -0.5 WAR.

Other leaders include Brian Giles with 165 HR, Kevin Young with 579 RBI, Jason Kendall with 706 R, Al Martin with 152 SB, Brian Giles with a .308 batting average (min 500 PA). Giles leads in many other statistics such as wOBA and wRC+. The wins leader with 53 is Paul Maholm, conversely the loss leader is Zach Duke with 70. The saves leader with 140 is Mike Williams. The best ERA (min 100 IP) belongs to Mike Gonzalez at 2.37. The leader in FIP (min 100 IP) is Joel Hanrahan at 2.51.

Here hoping that in about two months we can stop this counting at 18 and start a new counting at 1.


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