Looking Ahead at the Schedule

I thought in light of my most recent post and the fact that this is the All Star break I would take a moe in depth look at the Pirates remaining schedule. There are 72 games remaining I am going to seperate the first 3 games after the All Star break from the rest. These games are against the Astros and fit more with the games right before the All STar break than the games after it.

Set 1: 3 games against the Houston Astros

Weighted Winning Percentage: .326

Set 2: 3 games against Cin, 3 against StL, 4 against Atl and 3 against Phi

Weighted Winning Percentage: .561

Set 3: 4 games against ChC, 3 against SD, 3 against SF

Weighted Winning Percentage: .461

Set 4: 3 games against Mil, 3 against StL, 3 against Cin, 4 against Mil, 4 against StL

Weighted Winning Percentage: .525

Set 5: 3 games against Hou, 1 against LAD, 3 against Chc, 3 against Hou, 3 against Fla, 3 against StL, 4 against LAD

Weighted Winning Percentage: .420

Set 6: 3 games against AZ, 3 against Cin, 3 against Mil

Weighted Winning Percenatge: .518

Overall Weighted Winning Percenatge: .484

The two key sets as I have mentioned before are sets 2 and 4. Those are the 2 that will surely test the Pirates. Just a quick recap here, set 1 features 3 games, set 2 has 13 games, set 3 has 10 games, set 4 has 17 games, set 5 has 20 games and set 6 has 9 games.

I am going to set early reasonable goals for each set and see what the Pirates record will be if they reach the goals I set.

Set 1: 2-1

Set 2: 6-7

Set 3: 6-4

Set 4: 8-9

Set 5: 13-7

Set 6: 4-5

Total Record: 39-33

My goals assume the Pirates win series against lesser teams like Houston and Chicago and that they hold thier own (close to 500 but a little below) agaiinst the likes of St Louis and Milwaukee. Reaching my goals would put them at 86-76. Would that be enough to win the Central? Maybe but as the very least it should make them competitive for the majority of September. So in short as long as the Pirates beat the teams they should and remain competitive (basically meaning don’t get swept) against the top of the league an exciting second half should be upcoming.


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