It Doesn’t Make Sense

As I watched Michael McKenry’s 3-run shot sail into the stands as the Pirates took the lead tonight, everything I have read about how lucky the Pirates have been popped into my head. I’ve heard people cite high strand rates, FIPs higher than ERAs, a high RISP average and nearly every other luck stat they could come up with. All of that stuff is good, is probably right and makes perfect sense. But you know what there is one thing those stats don’t take into account, baseball doesn’t have to makes sense.

Every once a while there is going to be a team that comes around that defies the odds. It just happens nothing is concrete. With ther certain magical feel that is surrounding the current Pirates maybe they are the team that can defy the odds and continue to win despite the stats saying they are due to degress. Sometimes people forget baseball is just not a number’s game; its a game of individuals and those individiuals all respond differently in different situations. Just because a typical player will regress when his numbers are a certain way does not mean all will.

In the end baseball is all about one number, wins. So don’t let all the Pirates are due to degress talk get you down because you know what maybe they won’t. As Michale McKenry showed us about baseball tonight, it doesn’t make sense.


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