Upcoming Roster Decisions

It seems possible that by the end of the month Doumit, Jaramillo, Alvarez, Cedeno and Tabata could all be ready to return. Also Pearce remains a possibility and the pairing of Hague and Hernandez continue to push for a shot in the majors. Add to this a potential trade deadline acquisition and you beging to have an overly full roster. First lets just focus on who is under Pirates control right now.

C: Doumit, McKenry, Jaramillo, Fryer

IF: Overbay, Walker, Cedeno, Alvarez, Pearce, Harrison, d’Arnaud, Wood, Ciriaco, Hague

OF: Tabata, McCutchen, Presley, Jones, Diaz, Paul, Hernandez

I realize not all those roles are set in stone as Jones could be an IF if he becomes the starting 1B and Pearce could be an OF. Others such as Cedeno, Harrison and Ciriaco have tried thier hand in the OF but for now lets just assume Jones and Pearce as the only variables.

Under normal circumstances the Pirates carry 2 catcher, 6 IF and 5 OF.

At the catching position the Pirates have 5 catchers who are either on the 40 man roster or on the 60 day DL. Of those 5 Snyder is not an option because he won’t be back until later. Of the other 4 catchers it is clear that if all are healthy that Ryan Doumit will be the starting catcher. Who should be his backup is of some debate but it appears McKenry has performed well enough to win that job.

For the infield the twosome of Walker and Alvarez are locks to be amongst the six players kept. That leaves 9 players (including Jones) competing for 4 spots. The positions left to fill are 1B, SS and the two bench spots. Ciriaco is obviously not one of the final four which means at least two of Cedeno, d’Arnaud and Wood need to be on the team. I feel Cedeno and d’Arnaud are the easy choices of the three. So now there are two spots left and 6 people competing for them; Jones, Overbay, Pearce, Hague, Harrison and Wood. Jones deserves to remain on the team but could ultimately end up in the OF so for now we are just going to assume he makes it some capacity and select two of the other 5. Keeping d’Arnaud along with one of Harrison or Wood seems redundant so I will eliminate those two from the discussion. I think unless Jones pushes him out Overbay needs to stay so we are down to Pearce and Hague for one spot. Both players bring similar skill sets but Pearce is a better platoon option as he hits lefties well. Hague deserves a look but with how this team is built Pearce needs to be on the team.

Again for the time being we are assuming Jones is on the team but we are excluding him from the discussion until the end. So there are 5 spots left for only 6 players. Its obvious Tabta and McCutchen deserve spots. Of the remaining four it would appear that Hernandez should be the odd man out.

So now we need to make room for Jones. The candidates to move off are Overbay, Pearce, Diaz, Presley and Paul. Presley at his current level deserves to stay. With Tabata, McCutchen and Presley manning the OF, Jones does not have a spot in the OF meaning he needs to move to 1B. Moving Jones to 1B would force Overbay into a bench role but since he isn’t able to play any other positions he really doesn’t fit there so he sould be removed. All of that leaves a roster of:

Doumit, C

Jones, 1B

Walker, 2B

Alvarez, 3B

Cedeno, SS

Tabata, LF

McCutchen, CF

Presley, RF


McKenry, C

d’Arnaud, MI

Pearce, CI

Diaz, OF

Paul, OF


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