Should They Go For It?

Thats been a popular question lately. The Pirates have gotten lucky so far but nonetheless find themselves in a position to compete. Suggestions of adding bats to the team have arose and some wonderif it is a good idea. Fangraphs and the McEffect have both taken a look at this very question but we here at Battling Bucs have a different view of it.

This season could be a one time chance for the Pirates but it appears as if the young core is only improving. It would be a shame to take any piece away from this squad but it would also be a shame to take away any possible pieces of future teams. The Pirates have an improving group of prospects but it still is a little shallow, so taking away players would be a huge detriment to this team. So the usual adding strategy is out of the window. The other side of the coin is selling but who do the Pirates have that makes sense for them to part with? Maholm, Overbay, Diaz, Cedeno? To tell the truth there is not really a whole lot there. Therefore it makes sense just to keep everyone.

So is the answer to stand pat? Again no, any team should always being trying to improve its club. Lets now recap, the Pirates should not be buyers, they should not be sellers and they should not stand pat. Now I’m sure anyone reading this is wondering what exactly Battling Bucs thinks the Pirates should do. The answer is easy they should buy and sell.

Now how does a team go about buying and selling? They shop valuable pieces like Maholm and see if they can build up the farm some and they look to move some C grade prospects for a decent power bat. They also look to see if they can acquire some long term solutions to 1B, SS and RF and even look for upgrade to the bullpen and rotation. However on the reverse side they also should be open to making difficult trades such as moving Morton, Hanrahan or even Tabata if it improves the team in 2012 and beyond.

In short the job before Huntingdon is too evaluate every trade that comes before him and make the smartest moves available. He can’t think about buying and he can’t think about selling what he has to think about is improving the organization and that includes both the majors and the farm. Its a difficult task that is going to be difficult to maneuver through but the next roughly 4 weeks is a time when Huntingdon will surely earn his pay.


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