Dare to Dream!

Its too early to scoreboard watch and its too early to be thinking about division crowns. We have to face facts these Pirates probably aren’t for real. Chances are likely that either the Pirates will fall off or that some team the Brewers, Cardinals or Reds will go on a run. But you know what maybe none of these things will happen, there appears to be some sort of “magic” around this team. Maybe just maybe this magic will be enough to allow them to stay in it. For a minute today as the Pirates sat only 1 game out of first I allowed myself to dream that this magic took hold.

I thought about seeing PNC park full while watching meaningful September games. I thought about the pitching holding strong and Alvarez and Doumit helping to stabalize the offense. I even thought about a rented bat coming in to help boost the offense. I thought about winning crucial series against the Brewers, Cardinals and Reds. I thought about Pittsburgh maybe for once pushing the Steelers to the back burner. In short I thought about Pittsburgh becoming a baseball town once again.

It might be a long shot but you know what why shouldn’t we dream. Think about what fans deserve it more. We have suffered for 18 years, some of us don’t remember a winning team and some don’t even remember the competitive freak show team of 1997. It might be a patchwork team in a down division but you know what we deserve to dream. It is our right as diehard neverdie fans. This season may very well likely turn out like the 18 before it but you know what go ahead, dare to dream.


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