Interleague is Over!

Tonight’s win over Toronto accomplished a lot of things for the Pirates.

First and foremost it gave them a winning record this season in interleague play. It also gave them a 16 win month and a winning record for the first three months of the season. Even in addition to all of that it clinched a winning record at the half way point.

The most interesting thing is the winning interleague record. Look at how they have done since its inception.

1997: 7-8

1998: 6-7

1999: 7-8

2000: 6-9

2001: 8-7

2002: 3-9

2003: 5-7

2004: 2-10

2005: 5-7

2006: 3-12

2007: 5-10

2008: 6-9

2009: 8-7

2010: 2-13

2011: 8-7

This year marks only the 3rd time in 15 seasons that the Pirates had a winning interleague record.

With interleague play out of the way the Pirates can finally focus on playing thier actual competition. Lets hope July is as successful as June.



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